Introduction of all type of Websites

WEBSITE DESIGNER SEATTLE—Putting up your mind and heart to website Design is crucial to putting together your business. There Are now billions of websites online, which give heaps of various varieties of websites to review, however conjointly heaps of confusion over which kind and design can truly work best for you. To understand which web design is just right for you, you need to firstly figure out the needs of your business.

As a designer or local or small business owner, you wish to be aware of all the various sorts of web content out there, therefore you’ll be able to decide which is able to meet your desires. Learning what competitors selected and conducting testing enables you to form the proper format for their brand and client base.

Here are the differing types of websites:


The homepage is your site’s main hub and is the face of your business. Your homepage helps website visitors get to totally different areas of the website, and it may function a conversion funnel. As a result of the public coming back to you through your homepage, this is the place where design needs the most attention plus creativity.

Magazine websites

A magazine website options articles, photos and videos that are informational and academic. Within the last twenty years, the magazine business has modified from a print-only platform to mostly digital format. The magazine website sort works well for informational websites, notably publications from universities and organizations.

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E-commerce websites

An e-commerce website is an internet searching destination where users can buy products or services from your company. A robust e-commerce website makes it straightforward to browse products, filter by classes, highlight special sales and build purchases.


A blog deals with updated articles, photos and videos. Blogs started with additional casual, personal content compared to magazines. However since then, the lines have blurred, and currently it’s very common for major brands and businesses to own their own diary. Adding knowledgeable content improves the general quality of a corporation or a personal. Blogs conjointly offer material for social media posts and email campaigns.

Portfolio websites

A portfolio website permits artistic professionals an area for showcasing their best work. This is often excellent for artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, piece of furniture builders—you name it.

As you build a portfolio, there’s no need to add each single project you’ve ever worked on. Instead, concentrate on making classes of things and light the simplest work from every class. A portfolio website may be a bit additional artistic naturally, therefore this is often the place to undertake distinctive layouts and add in attention-grabbing options.

Landing pages

A landing page may be a specific page sort created for a promoting campaign that drives guests to require a particular action.

The content on a landing page ought to be restricted and purposeful toward the call-to-action you’d just like the user to require. Enable many white spaces around your CTA and save components not associated with the aim of that campaign for alternative pages.

Social media websites

There are billions of folks on social media with dozens of various platforms accessible. Choose the same lie all of your social media pages and web content, therefore users instantly understand your brand is behind the page. Use a similar emblem and color selections. Opt for a particular voice and temperament that shines across all content.

When making content, concentrate on things that have a high potential of being shared on social media, like abusive videos, infographics, memes, in-depth reports and free offers.

Directory and contact pages

A directory or contact page may be a place wherever users will connect with you or others. This type of website works well once you need to list a repository of companies or folks among a corporation. For instance, space building directory options cafés within the area with menus, worth ranges, number and reviews.


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